Sunday, April 5, 2009

MRI...and Ashley, what does the tiger say????

Thanks for your prayers, everything went very well!! We were VERY (long story) concerned about her having the MRI at our local hospital....they are the most UNfriendly hospital for children I've ever been in....but God answered prayers and put the most wonderful people in our path all morning long. Where have these people been??!!!

The MRI itself lasted about 2 hours because they spent the first 45 getting an IV inserted...which they never accomplished after trying....are you ready for this?? NINETEEN times. YES she was already sedated with gas and felt nothing....but she has 19 little places on her hands (6 in each), feet, ankles, and forearms....they used her like a baby pin cushion! She's all bruised up over it all.

However, she came out of recovery great, and wanted mama, and snuggled in and didn't blame me for anything!! I was very concerned about all our great attachment/trust progress and that it was going to be washed down the drain....but the Lord covered her heart and she was oh so happy to be with mama and daddy afterwards.

We haven't been told anything that they saw, as it was a Friday. I'll update when I can! Thanks for the prayers!


Alex and Jill said...

19 times!!? Bless her heart and little body!

Happy to hear it went well, otherwise.


Alli said...

Cute pic of Ashley! So glad all went well. (except for the poking!) Ava Love went through lots of poking as well with a CAT scan when she was 3. You'd think two or three times would be a lot, but 19! Whoa! Poor Ashley!

Virginia and Doug said...

Glad to hear she recovered so well.
That picture of her is adorable.


Vashti said...

Poor baby! I pray the results come fast and that they are good ones.
19 times is WAY too many times.
And I love the photo, her dress is adorable.

Somer's blog said...

19 times.. dang.. bless her heart.. i was prayign for ya'll.. glad to hear she did okay.. and you too.. i can;t imagine.. sending my love..


sue said...


GulfGypsy said...

Not sure how I came across your blog, but glad I did.

Thank you for opening your hearts and life to Ashley!

I love the quote at the top of you blog -- It's so true.

I've worked with children and said while none of them grew to life beneath my heart- they've all come to live within my heart.

Family is not just blood and bone -- It's a commitment of love, a shared trust, an acceptance that we each share a bond with all and all share a bond with Our Creator.