Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

We ARE having fun, right?

WOW.... I looked at the calendar this morning and all of the sudden it's Feb did that happen? Things have been moving fast and furious around here now that all the sickness has left the house. We're back on a more normal schedule and looking forward to SPRING!

Between potty training Annalyse, Dr appointments with Ashley, and school things with the older two, the blog has not been feeling some love! I know I promised the new one would be up this week....did I mention that I can't believe it's Feb. 20th? Yeah, it'll happen one day soon :)

We spent two days in Atlanta last week and Ashley checked out just PERFECT! The Dr up there isn't even sure what she had on her back was Spina Bifida. As I try to process that and the amazing, overwhelming blessing that is...words fail me. Only God.

Ashley continues to adjust great...instead of having bad days, she's only having bad "moments" now. She has a lot to go in the area of Annalyse...she simply cannot STAND me to hold or love on Annalyse. She has no problem with Avery and Ally, but Annalyse is her rival. I am constantly taking it to the Lord in prayer and asking Him to give them a special bond. I have faith it will come, I know it just takes time. Annalyse, poor thing, has really no problem with Ashley, but she's used to sharing her mama, and trusts me and my love for her. She is confident in her place in our family. Ashley is not. How long will it take? Who knows. It will come, and she really has made leaps and bounds since we've had her.

Wanted to share a quick video of Ash eating her first Popsicle! She has "tasted and seen that American food is good!" She can put down some Mexican, and loves just about all we put in front of her. She's saying about 10 words now, and yesterday, when Elmo came on, I heard her say" na na na na na na" to the "Elmos' world" song!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Pics

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Pics from outside

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Finally warm enough to play outside!!

Well, the temps finally got above 30 degrees and we spent about 4 hours outside Saturday! Ashley went exploring around the yard and pushed her baby doll stroller....a favorite toy! Such a favorite I had to get another one at target because it was the only toy causing a major meltdown between Annalyse and her. New stroller, no problems :) Well....not totally true....the little ones are taking awhile to warm up to each other. There has been hitting, screaming and a biting incident in the bathtub....please pray for them that they will get along better soon....and I will stay sane in the process!

Ashley continues to amaze us...she's picking up new words each day and this morning I said, "where is your nose?" and she pointed to it! We had only done that with her the night before right before bed. She can say "Asheeeeee" and follow all sorts of simple commands...sit down, come here, take that to da da...

We've had a sick kid here since about 4 days after we got home...two strep, one ear infection and two stomach bugs...I guess having a big family means big sickness? Thankfully, mom and dad have been spared but it's made for some more sleepless nights and missed school days.

This week we head to Atlanta to have her evaluated by the Spina Bifida clinic at Eggleston. From our standpoint, she seems to have zero effects of the SB, but we'll be seeing the experts to see what they say...i'll keep you posted. I will say that our pediatrician says that CHINA GOT IT WRONG. The form of SB they said she had, our Dr. says, NO WAY. ISN"T GOD AWESOME!! He says her tone, muscles, reflexes and strength in her legs and ankles, is PERFECT. WOW.

We serve a faithful God, folks.....and all the glory goes to Him.

Lastly, if you 've emailed me about the new blog (and if you have BEGGED....not that anyone has...diane...) i'll be sending out the new link soon. It's still in the works :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

****NEW BLOG*******

As we settle into a routine as a family of 6 (gulp), I'm going to stop posting to this blog in about a week. We have a private family blog that some of you read, and that one will shut down as well. I'm going to combine the two into just one site, to keep up with the craziness of our lives:)

Over the next few days i'll be posting some wrap-up posts and setting the new one up. I'm not going to make it "private" where you have to have a password, but i'm also not going to announce it publicly. If you want me to email you the site, please let me know at soon. ****If you already have permission to read the family blog, you do NOT have to email me...I'll post the site on there.*** Look for it in a week or so.

Also, if ANYONE has any sites that will make blog books..please let me know! does not support Blogger anymore so I need a new avenue to make this a memory book for Ashley.

thanks friends!

A Mei Date!

Yesterday we had a play date with Mei! Ashley and Mei are just three months apart and we hope that they will be great friends....aren't they cute!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Three weeks ago today....

In a small, cold room in Hunan, orphan became a daughter, a sister and a granddaughter. Although she still has some grieving, today she is a happy, giggle box who we cannot imagine our lives without. It seems like she has always been here!

"I will not leave you as orphans...I will come to you...." John 14:18