Thursday, June 21, 2007

Name Change!

We are considering changing the spelling of her name to Ashley. We are trying to be sensitive to the fact that she will probably want an American name and spelling like her sisters SO we'll let you know.

Some of you have asked where we are at this point. Currently, we are getting ready to send our final contracts in to AWAA along with our first payment. We have contacted Lutheran Family Services to do our Home Study and hopefully that will begin in July. We're going slow and being very patient....well, most days :)

We're having a big Yard Sale and bake sale on July 7th to raise funds for our Home Study. We need a total of $1500 dollars. God has already laid it on the hearts of THREE families to donate stuff to help us out so we are very excited about this day. Please be in prayer for this important day, and that more families would send us their junk!

We've also been getting prayer cards in the mail written by church members. They are so sweet and many days provide the encouragement we need to move ahead. It's so humbling to see how this process will be used by God to draw people in worship to Him. I am so amazed to see how He provides for every need we have, in HIS time. Most days I feel very unworthy of this gift that He is giving to us. OK, it's getting emotional so I'll quit!


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baby Girl

Baby Ashlei

Tonight was an emotional night at our house. Most days I do well thinking about you and keeping my emotions under control. When I think about how long it's going to take to get to you, I'm sometimes overwhelmed. I'm really praying that you aren;t even born yet, so that when we do come and take you home, you won;t have spent so much time in the orphanage. I was putting your older two sisters to bed and they wanted me to rub their backs and sing to them. Daddy was in the living room rocking Annalyse to sleep. I was so overwhelmed with the fact that someone else might be putting you to bed. At our house, we don;t let our babies cry themselves to sleep very often. One of daddy's favorite things to do is rock his girls to sleep. It breaks my heart to think you are crying yourself to sleep at night. We promise to never let you do that. Daddy and I talked about you a lot tonight and he can;t wait to let you fall asleep on him on the couch. We are praying that someone is taking good care of you while you wait for us. We know that God is watching over you and preparing your heart for us. Goodnight, baby girl.