Friday, July 20, 2007

Special Needs Approval!

We recieved an email today that our application for a Special Needs child has been approved! This means that we are on a list of about 80-100 families that are willing to review files of SN kids that our agency recieves. They receive about 20-40 children every two months. We were able to go down a list of needs and indicate wether or not we would review a child with each particular need. Once the agency recieves the lists, they compare it with our lists, and then we are matched with a child. We have a few days to review the file, take it to our doctor, and let the agency know if we are interested in adopting the child.
One step closer!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mei'd with love does it again!!

Emily, from Mei'd with Love, re-did the blog! Isn;t it too cute!? She also did our other blog and she really does awesome work! I'm sending her a little happy in the mail for all her time! Thanks Em!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thanks SOOOOO much for all of you who prayed! We got several phone calls and emails that you were praying! The grand total was....


God really answered your prayers...we had great weather, good turn out and were able to talk with a few families about adoption!!! Several people gave to our donation box and were interested in the process we are going through. We still need about 600.00 to complete our home study process so please be in prayer for those funds. Each dollar gets us that much closer to bringing Ashley home so we are truly very grateful for every penny.

God is GOOD!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


If you check in on us before Friday, please be in prayer for our Yard Sale! We're having a two day HUGE sale to raise the funds we need for our Home Study. We need to raise 1500.00!! We've had several friends (7 total families) donate things including furniture, a swing set and many boxes of great stuff. We'll be showing a video that will run continuously about the plight of China's orphans, and out a donation box as well. We are believing God for a great turn out!
Please specifically pray for:
1.) 1500.00 total sales/donations
2.) many people would come out
3.) good rain!
4.) the Lord would touch someone's heart and lead them to adopt a child

Thank you in advance for all your prayers....please check back Saturday night for the results!