Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meredith from Arkansas with her Valentine Bows!

Thanks Rachel!!

Ava from South Carolina with her Valentine Bows!!!

Read her she precious or what? Thanks Allison!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adoption Paperchasing to the Max!

Whew! What a looooonnggg day of paperchasing! Productive, but llllloooonnnnngggg!
It started out with a trip to get some docs notarized. Then 45 minutes at the City Clerks office getting things certified. (Today we did Dougherty Co. and then tomorrow we'll drive to Lee Co and do those.) Next stop was a quick bite to eat with Daddy. On to the bank to pick up cashiers checks and then to daddy's office to get something printed off his computer and make copies. Off again to the UPS store to have things mailed off!!!

We mailed the HS to Atlanta and a few documents to the Sec. of State's office for certification.

All total, it was a VERY productive day. Annalyse is cutting her 1st set of molars so she made for one difficult 15mo old, but we made it home and all is well.

I did learn one very valuable lesson: PRAY PRAY PRAY. The first part of our morning was terrible. We had a glitch with one document, I locked myself out of the house in the pouring down rain, and Jay and I were snapping at each other left and right. After realizing that the enemy was attacking, I spend the next 10 minutes praying over the remainder of our day in detail. Everything from the baby's behavior, to the accuracy of the documents, and the ability to see the bigger picture was covered. Satan would love nothing more than to make this process frustrating and tiring. he wants us to question why we are putting all this effort out and why we are even doing all this in the first place. We will not allow him to have an inch more! We just pray the name of Jesus over every detail and let the Lord remind us of the end result. Sometimes it;s hard to keep our hearts on the fruit of our efforts, but we know one day that this will all be a faded memory, replaced by the giggle of a brown-eyed baby girl.

Please join us as we pray that the things we sent to ATL arrive there safely, are accurate, and return to us safely. Please pray that our fingerprint appointment in ATL is a time that works for Jay's schedule. Thank you guys so much!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Guess what I got today!???


So tommorow I'm going to send it off to Atlanta USCIS with our big check and application. Also, I'm headed to the county courthouse to have documents certified and sending them overnight to Atlanta for State Certification (one of the notaries expires soon so it needs to be certified ASAP). Hopefully within the week we'll get a confirmation and a fingerprint appointment.

Hang on for the ride everyone, it's going to move fast from here on out so we can be DTC!!!

Also, please being praying now for a QUICK 1-600A Approval...this comes after our fingerprints are taken and the word "quick" is not associated with USCIS very often....we are praying for less than a 6 week turnaround. Depends on how busy they are.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Please pray that we'd get our Homestudy copy SOON. Like yesterday!~ We finished it 6 weeks ago, I thought we'd have it looooooonnggg ago...and pray for my attitude as I grow more frustrated everyday it seems with this step....we're getting into Jay's baseball season and we just can;t run to Atlanta when they call...we were really needing to have this done by baseball season and it's not looking to promising. We're just waiting to get it back from the Social Worker....I'm going to stop now...

Friday, February 8, 2008


We just got an email from Melissa and everything looked GREAT for our documents!!! PRAISE GOD THAT IS OVER!!!!! Now we can get a copy of our HS next week (hopefully EARLY next week and get that thing off to Atlanta!! YIIPPPEEE!!!!

Thanks so much for your prayers!!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Hey Everyone! Will you join us in prayer that by this weeks end (FRIDAY) we'll have all the stuff we need to send off to Atlanta USCIS? We need a hard copy of our Homestudy and a few other documents, and we're ready to get this DONE! The Lord knows the details, won;t you petition Him on our behalf??!!


This afternoon (thursday) we'll fax copies of our financial letters, physicals, police clearence letters, and a few misc. documents to Melissa at AWAA. Once she reviews them and OK's them (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY EVERYTHING IS CORRECT) we'll be able to get a hard copy of the HS (which is complete, we just need the final approval). We're SO close to being able to mail this USCIS stuff off...although it doesn;t look like it will happen by tommorow, maybe Saturday or maybe early next week....)

What's next?
We'll get an appointment to be fingerprinted in Atlanta, wait for our approval, then FINALLY be able to mail this stuff to China!!

Keep checking back for updates!

We're coming, baby! We're trying everyday to get the stuff we need to get you home. We know it will be worth every minute and every dime we spend. We know that God has already ordained the very minute we'll have you placed in our arms and we're trying to be patient and rest in that fact. We can;t wait to see your face!