Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Flip Side

In our attempt to show all the sides of International Adoption, I think I need to be honest and post about all the aspects of it. Right now we are in a holding pattern of sorts with the process. Financially, we can;t go any further until the Lord provides. This is the most frustrating aspect, (along with the wait.) Jay and I thought we had something in place that was going to help out HUGE with the expenses and it fell through yesterday. The person in charge said no. It had already been a long frustrating week money wise but this was the thing that broke us emotionally. We are clinging to the things we know for sure. 1.) God clearly told both of us, in His own way, back in April, that this was His plan for our family. 2.) God promised to provide. 3.) God has never left us or let us down. 4.) God keeps His promises.
I don;t want anybody to think I am "Super Spiritual" and haven;t doubted every one of these points, I'd be lying if I said I hadn;t. But sometimes it's profitable to lay out what you know so you can cling to it.
When we were trying to get pregnant with Avery we went through the same exact emotions. Only God could make it happen and we were relying totally on Him. We simply couldn;t do it ourselves. Jay reminded me that this is the same thing. It's just a "stretching" of our faith, intended to refine us of all the junk that clouds our faith and dependency on ourselves. We know that at the end of all of this is a precious face that needs a mommy and a daddy...and a family that isn;t complete without her.
Sometime ago I made the statement that "This will be the greatest faith journey that our family has ever taken." Little did I know how true that would be.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

August Update

OK so many of you have emailed me about an update so here it is! About two weeks ago, we got a call from Melissa B from AWAA. She will be our Family Coordinator and assist us throughout this entire process, start to finish. She will, I am sure, be tired of all our phone calls and questions, but such is her job! We have begun our home study with Open Door Adoptions, in thomassville, GA. We are sending in intital paperwork this week and should start our meetings with her soon. China requires 4 face -to- face meetings. Also, we'll begin the paper chase! That means we'll be compiling all the (dozens) of documents that we need...and being fingerprinted by the local police and the Department of Homeland Security. We're hoping to be (Lord willing) done with this phase by late October.

Please be in prayer for the following things:
1. Ashley: That she is being well taken care of and safe. That she is healthy and strong and happy.
2. Our home study: That we'll be diligent in compiling all the documents, that our Home Study will go off without a hitch and that everything will go smoothly.
3. Finances. We are so dependant on the Lord to provide the money we need to move forward. Please pray that we would be patient in waiting for Him to provide. Pray for people to give as the Lord leads.
4. We have applied for a grant through the National Adoption Foundation. Please pray they find favor and that we will receive some assistance through the NAF.
5. For us that we will be advocates for God's plan of adoption with fellow believers. Since we started this process, TWO families we know have called to tell us that after reading about Ashley and this process, they have felt the call to adopt internationally!!!!!!!!! PRAISE JESUS!!

Thanks so much for your prayers!! We are anxious and excited about what the future holds but we know Who holds the future!
We love you all!!