Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let the paperchase begin!

We are officially "paper chasing!" We're compiling all the documents China needs to approve us to adopt a child. Just in case you're wondering, here they are:

Birth Certificates
Marriage Certificate
Police/FBI fingerprints and clearance
Physical Exams (done by our Dr's)
Department of Homeland Security Clearance
Petition to bring a foreign orphan into the country
Employment Verification
Letter to Chinese officials requesting an orphan and promising to teach her Chinese culture
Family Photos of our home, children and family life

In addition, we need these for our Homestudy:
Clearance from health department about our septic tank (?)
Additional fingerprints
3 reference letters
Employment Letters

I'm sure I left something out......once we get all these things and get them notarized, they are sent to the Secretary of State for authentication. Once approved they are sent to the Chinese consulate in Houston, TX...then after translation are sent to CHINA!!!!

Please keep us in your prayers....especially me (emily) as I am the "adoption secretary" around here! Jay just says, "tell me where to sign!" Also specifically pray for the funds for our fingerprints/clearance from Homeland Security...while the other documents are very cheap, these cost 860.00!!! (Someone in the government is getting very rich!!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


This morning at church, some good friends of ours came over to me...she said, "come in this room, we want to pray for Ashley..."
I was thinking "WHAT?"
She prayed for her, (and said Ashley Flynt which really hit me for some reason) and then handed me a check.
It was for $1,000.00......
These people are not wealthy BY ANY MEANS. They were just being obedient to what God had told them to do and we are overwhelmed. They are such an example of listening to the Lord and obeying, and I left the church in tears. Thank you Lord for people who listen you and bless others! Their gift will be another piece of the miracle of God that brings Ashley home and completes our family. It makes me long to hold her in my arms and tell her the story of the individuals who loved her enough to help get her here. Thank you so much for the others that have sent gifts....large or small, they are all a testament to us about His faithfulness and promise. What a journey we are on!